eswt therapy

What is ESWT and how does it work?

ESWT (Extracorporeal shock wave therapy) therapy with acoustic shock waves is a modern, non-invasive treatment approach of pain and functional impairment of patients with degenerative and calcinating changes in the tendon - muscular system.
The effects of acoustic shock waves were in medicine originally used to destroy kidney stones (ESWL - litotripter), in modern times, the use spread to the tendon - muscular pain therapy. The medical center use Duolith SD1 technology of the innovator and pioneer in the use of acustic shock waves in medicine - Storz Medical.

Research in recent years have shown that the shock waves, introduced by the therapeutic probe in the painfull area of the body, stimulate:

- the flow of blood and lymph
- metabolism
- the permeability of cell membranes
- proliferation of stem cells to replace old cells
- anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory response
- strengthening of the connective tissue
- production of growth factors

ESWT therapy improves tissue perfusion and facilitates processes that through normalization of local conditions allow the gradual restoration of the affected area.


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